What Is A Local Citation?

Local citation refers to any mentions of your business on other websites on the internet. They are useful for improving your rankings in local search results. Most local citations in business directories don’t have a link to your business but include your business name, address and maybe a review about your business.

How Do They Work?
Through local citations, your business is properly ranked on Google Plus local map listings. They provide the search engines with credible and legitimate information about your business. Any information about your business can be corroborated from multiple sources and that’s why the search engines rely on these local citations.

If Google can find your business information on any other local websites or directories, there is confidence that your business actually exists and offers the stated products or services in the particular location. When a person does a search of your business, the information listed on the local citations should be provided. If you want to take advantage of local citations you need to have your own Google Plus Local Business Page.

With traditional organic SEO, the search engines rely on credits and counts hyperlinks from other websites for the best rankings. Therefore, getting more relevant hyperlinks will improve the website’s rankings considerably.

Where Can Local Citations Be Found?
• Directories specific to a particular industry, sector or niche
• General business directories
• Local newspapers or press websites
• Local themed blogs
• Prominent local websites, especially those related to your business niche
Social media platforms
Qualities Of A Good Local Citation?
Any citation needs to be found trustworthy and credible by Google and any users on the internet. Directories such as Yellow pages are great places to find lists of local businesses. If you’re looking to claim a local citation about your business on the internet, you need to meet the following qualities.
• The official name of your business – The name that your customers recognize
• A local and official telephone number for your business
• The physical address where your business is located
Anywhere your business name appears, the information needs to be consistent. Take an instance where a local newspaper covers a story about your business. The information presented here should appear as it does on any listings on the internet for you to receive the benefits of local citations. If you want to win at the local citations game, you need to get more than your competitor.

Besides the numbers, the information needs to be accurate and high quality. If the general and niche citations are completed as required, you will get more value on the Google Plus local listing. It’s a good way to improve your visibility and online presence. You can obtain business listings effortlessly but you need to make some more effort to get local citations from niche websites or local print media.

With local SEO becoming too popular, local citations work perfectly with a good marketing strategy. If you want to catch the attention of local print media or local niche websites, you need to work effortlessly on your marketing strategies.

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